There is no Peace without Justice

In 2022, the whole world united around Ukraine to support its fight against Russian aggression in the name of Peace.

However, the Russian war crimes are still taking place in Ukraine every day and the impunity of those crimes leads to even more crimes.

But you can stand with us to ensure Justice.
By supporting security guarantees for Ukraine.
By supporting accountability for war crimes.
These big things can be achieved with small steps.

Check our social media channels to learn about simple acts you can do to contribute to Justice for Ukraine.

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Our mission

The beginning of the full-scale Russian aggression in Ukraine in February 2022 has clearly demonstrated that now we are living in a situation where the law doesn’t work.

Russian troops are daily breaking all international rules: they are destroying residential buildings, schools, churches, hospitals and museums. They are shooting at the evacuation corridors. They are torturing people in filtration camps. They forcibly take Ukrainian children to Russia. They ban Ukrainian language and culture. They are abducting, raping, robbing and killing on the occupied territories.

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